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Ashi-yu Meeting - Installation performance

Ashiyu-meeting had premier at Seoul Street Arts Festival in Sep-Oct 2016
suported by: Creative Victoria, Australia-Korea Foundation, NAVA, Seoul Foundation of Art and Culture



at Kinosaki International Arts Centre
February/March 2016

The renowned writer Naoya Shiga created a famous universal story from ordinary observations and reflection of nature and daily life during, his stay in Kinosaki.

The collaboration of 6 artists across three countries: Korea, Australia, and Japan, is an evolving rehearsal, and continuing quest, for “a cure” that can be physical, spiritual, social, cultural, or political. From our ordinary observations and reflections will emerge an extraordinary construction that will tour the world.

Simple and open daily discussions around the ashi-yu (foot bath) will accumulate as research towards a live installation “ashi-yu”, rehearsing “cures” of all kinds, complete with acoustic, tactile, built, and spoken traces from our time in residence. Our assemblages will coalesce as a dramaturgy reflecting the extraordinary fabric of the everyday that is the essence of a Kinosaki.

Supports:Kinosaki International Arts Centre, Australia Council for the Arts

Kinosaki International Arts Centre (KIAC) has been established in 2014 is the largest performing-arts residency facilities in Japan. KIAC is situated in Kinosaki, Hyogo, one of the main hot spring towns in Japan. Historically Kinosaki has hosted and celebrated writers and artists, and many works have been put out into the world. To carry over the tradition into the future, the center offers an Artist-in-Residence program for artists and companies selected from among applicants.

Concept and visual installation: Naomi Ota
Concept and sound/music: Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey
Performance direction: Won Young-Oh (Theatre Nottle)
Performer: Lee Euna (Theatre Nottle)
Writer: Kim Hyun-woo (Theatre Nottle)