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The 21st Century Democracy

– International Artists in residency program at Hooyong Performing Arts Centre (HPAC)
- Showing: 22, 23 Sep 2017


Consuelo Meneses

Lim So-young

Agung Gunawan

Mehdi Farajpour

Jo Ha-neul


11 artists from Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, France, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and Peru explored their creativities at HPAC through a series of discussion and research excursion to Gwangju under the theme of ‘What is democracy in the 21st century?’.

The outcomes created independently and collaboratively were presented as a sites touring installation performance.

Naomi presented a spacial installation “Polyphony” consisting of three confined spaces and an open area in courtyard to invite many voices / elements of other performers and audience to interplay. Polyphony is a musical term meaning the combination of two or more independent melodies into a single harmonic texture in which each retains its linear character.

Lee Euna, Lim So-young, Jo Ha-neul, Yoon Gi-won (Korea)
Naomi Ota (Australia/Japan)
Tuan Mami (Vietnam)
Mehdi Farajpour (France)
Agung Gunawan (Indonesia)
Jaime Lema (Peru)
Consuelo Meneses (Mexico)
Laura Carvalho (Brazil)

Artistic director: Won Young-oh
Technical director: Min Kyoung-wook
Sound:  Jang Woo-seok
Producer: Cha Na-young, Kwong Peong-yi 

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Lee Euna

Tuan Mami

Laura Carvalho

Jaime Lema

Yoon Gi-won





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