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Art Projects





Art Works 2001 - 1997

Oval-shaped fabric object with handle, 2000
cotton, paper, clay, sand, paper-bark, wood, pigment
22 x 25 x 4 cm

Spirits of beehive - Melbourne Fashion Week 2001
Collaboration with Ess-Laboratory
Island to Island-seeking a path. 1999
cotton, paper, clay, sand, shikkui (lime plaster), Chinese ink, pigment, jute fibre
Recollections- Paths to an island, 1999
bamboo, clay, shikkui (lime plaster), hay, silk, pigment
Mapping, Streaming, Accumulating, 1998
cotton, clay, sand, jute fibre, Chinese ink, pigment, paper, bamboo
Island to Island (I, II & III) and IV, 1998
hand woven silk ikat, cotton fabric, clay, sand, Chinese ink
162 x 64cm (each panel)
collection National Gallery of Victoria
Tidal map 1 and 2, 1998
cotton fabric, clay, sand, jute, pigment, wood
83 x 50cm

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