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Banh Chung - Inter-cultural Audio Installation Performance
Banh Chung is a process-orientated installation-performance that confronts the legacy of colonialism, war and mass migration. Banh Chung draws on traditional culinary practices, mythical legends and historical events associated with Tet (The Luner New Year).
Script & Direction: Chi Vu
Sound: Jacques Soddell
Installation: Naomi Ota
Site Performance: Amanda Ma,Rani Pramesti
Audio Performer: Amanda Ma, Ferdinand Hoang, Aljin Abela
Cultural Advisor: Ton-That Quynh-Du
Lighting design: Katie Sfetkidis
Dramaturg: Peter Eckersall, Jude Anderson

Invited into the space at spaced intervals by a performer preparing the banh chung cake, audience members are immersed in a sensory environment of smell, sight and sound. As they move through the sculptural environment, the audience listens to a number of sound plays through headphones.

Moving image with audio narrative
Banh Chung - Tet 68/Massacre
Banh Chung - Australia / Diaspora

Photos by Jave Lee / Videos by David Meagher

Footscray Community Arts Centre, November 2013

More information and Enquiry - Chi Vu website


‘It is a meditative experience, in a space that is like a zen cosmic kitchen. Just as the banh chung ingredients are prepared and transformed during our performance, so is the audience,’ says Vu.

Banh chung is a savoury 'cake' made of sticky-rice, mung bean and pork, wrapped in bamboo leaf, and eaten to celebrate the Lunar New Year (Tet). The ritual of making and eating this 'cake' - which requires at least 24 hours of preparation - is a tactile act of celebration and communal reflection...


Development History

Development 2: Dancehouse, July 2012
Script & Direction: Chi Vu
Installation: Naomi Ota
Performance: Amanda Ma
Sound design: Jacques Soddell
Lighting design: Katie Sfetkidis

Development 1: Richmond Library, February 2010
Part of 'In-Habit' presented by Punctum
Script & Direction: Chi Vu
Installation: Naomi Ota
Performance: Kha Tran, Hoang Nguyen,
Amanda Ma, Chi Vu
Sound design: Jacques Soddell
Lighting design: Katie Sfetkidis
Film work: Emma Williamson

  Photos from early development
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