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Biwako Biennale Closing event - Oumi-hachiman city, Shiga, Japan
E1 Aether - Sound / Visual Installation & Dance Performance, Nov 2007 @Nishikatsu-shuzou

Tony Yap: Coreographer/dancer
Naomi Ota: Visual artist
Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey : Composers/musicians
Genta Iwamura: Lighting desigener
Rie Uomori: Lighting operator

Support: Kultour - touring Australian Multicultural Arts - a proud initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts.


Melbourne based Australian performance company The Tony Yap Company (TYC) presents "E1-Aether" contemporary ritual solo dance performance. tyc is an ensemble of culturally diverse independent professional artists including dancer Tony Yap (Australian/Malaysian), visual artist Naomi Ota (Australian/Japanese), vocalist Ria Soemardjo (Australian/Indonesian) and Australian contemporary musicians Tim Humphrey and Madeleine Flynn. Japanese lighting artists Genta Iwamura and Rie Uomori collaborate with tyc for this project. Their vision is to create a multi-modal art-form that is intrinsically international and their unique artistic language represents a contemporary Australian-Asian experience.
Audience experience in the time and space of the work reminded us a common spiritual foundation like a prayer for death before our eyes. - Mainichi Newspapers, Japan
Photos by Yuto HIRAKAKIUCHI  
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