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Enshrined Time - in Empty House - Installation performance

Hooyong Festival, Korea in August 2017
Suported by Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria
and Nottle Theatre Company


“Time, place, memory, attachment, condolence…
I came back to this house after a long time.
Scent, voice, love, wish, prayer…
Years of time are enshrined in this house.
I’m recalling the promise we made – we are meeting at home.”

Traces of one’s past time and my own experiences from residing in Hooyong Village was translated into this site-specific installation performance. “Enshrined Time – in Empty House” is a poetic documentation reflecting personal, spiritual physical, social and cultural traces of empty house. When audience – who have memories of the house – entre into the exhibition, they also become part of this installation.

An imaginative diary spanning time, place and memories of the house was placed within the installation, which was derived from collected personal accounts, stories and immediate environment. The work also questions about universal idea of ‘home’.

Concept/ Installation / Text
Lighting/Technical support
Video editing
Naomi Ota
Lee Euna
Min Kyong-wook / Jang Woo-seok
Kim Yong-seock
Naomi Ota

Moving image (9.22 minuets) Click here
Moving image (3 minuets) Click here




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