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EnTrance - Premiere at Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, August / September 2009

Created and Performed by Yumi Umiumare
Dramaturge: Moira Finucane
Media Artist: Bambang Nurcahyadi
Installation Artist: Naomi Ota
Sound Designer: Ian Kitney
Costume Designer: David Anderson
Lighting Designer: Kerry Ireland
Stage and Production Manager: Diana Hume
Lighting Operator: Ange Cole
Production Assistant: Shayndle Grinblat

Further Information and Enquiry: Yumi Umiumare

- YUMI UMIUMARE (From Programme notes)
EnTrance is a part of my lifelong creative development, provoking a fundamental question about life and death. In one Japanese belief, the two worlds of Life and Death are described as two shores; one is 'the near shore' (the world of the living), and the other is 'the far shore' (the world of after-death).
In EnTrance, each section is interconnected through a 'chained world' in which a new world opens up, one to the other. The logic of this chain world is surreal, abstract and internal, and sometimes very personal. The chain is about how things are unexpectedly linked on a deep emotional and mythical level. Like a moment when a person is in the kitchen doing something mundane and an anticipation or memory of horror or deep grief opens up before them, taking them from the kitchen into another world. Like a moment when I find an old shrine buried behind a very busy street in Tokyo, being entranced by its presence.
With deep serenity I am drawn into the 'crack' - the moment of transformation where the spirit and the body are propelled into another world or existence - at the same time as the huge sonic attack in the middle of the chaos of the city.
  Photos by Jeff Busby
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