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Everyman & the Pole Dancers

Everyman & The Pole Dancers by Lech Mackiewicz is an Absurd Apocalyptic Comedy in 4 Quarters and a collaboration between two acclaimed, award-winning companies, Shinjuku Ryozanpaku and Auto Da Fe for whom text, visual-art-installation, music and dance converge from the diverse avenues of research and cultural roots of the ensemble. Everyman is a vision of our impending annihilation seen when three generations of a family dance their perverse relationships round a lamp-post. Everyman guides them, and us, through the final stages of existence and helps them say their goodbyes with dignity before the curtains are drawn on the old world they knew. The performance relies on tension held between Naomi Ota's mysterious fibrous installation, the stretched intervals of Noriko Tadano's shamisen, the larrikin cabaret persona of Maude Davey playing Everyman and the family process of this award-winning ensemble under Lech Mackiewicz' inspired direction.
Auto Da Fe Theatre, in association with Shinjuku Ryozanpaku Theatre, Tokyo

More information: Auto Da Fe Theatre


Metanoia Theatre at the Mechanics Institute October 2014

Written and directed by Lech Mackiewicz
Installation art: Naomi Ota
Shamisen Composition: Noriko Tadano
Light Design: Shane Grant
Photography: Adam Hanuszkiewicz

Everyman: Maude Davey
Grandmother: Jane Bayly
Grandfather: Matt Crosby
Mother: Kathleen Doyle
Father: Kazuto Shimamoto (courtesy Shinjuku Ryozanpaku)
Daughter: Denda Keina (courtesy Shinjuku Ryozanpaku)
Son: Reece Vella

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