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Gu:t - Installation Dance Performance

Gu:t explores notions of ritual and the dualities of yin-yang, life-death, and saltwater-freshwater. A duet for Soo Yeun and Albert David, [Gu:t] draws on their Korean and Torres Strait Island heritage.

Gu:t underwent initial development in January-March 2013, and public work-in-progress showings and artist discussions presented in Malthouse Theatre’s Limited Edition program as part of Dance Massive, March 2013. The second stage of development took place in November-December 2014. It focused on further choreographic evolution, the creation of the visual installation, and completion of the musical score.

Planning is now underway for the premiere season.

Soo Yeun You: choreographer and performer
Albert David: collaborator, Torres Strait Island cultural consultant, and performer
Naomi Ota: installation & visual direction
Gus Macmillan: composition
Lighting design: Paula Van Beek
Produced by Kath Papas Productions

Moving images
Creative development 2015

Videos by Cobie Orger
Photos by Jave Lee

More information and Enquiry - Kath Papas Productions

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