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Kesupen - 'to forget'
the key notion of forgetting as a procedure of transformation : forget something - to see something new.
Kesupen is a contemporary dance work collaborated with Tony Yap Company and srimpi Master R. Ay Sri Kadarjati, Agung Gunawan and dancers from Surya Kencana in the classical srimpi style from the Yogyakarta Kraton (Palace).

Australian artists Naomi Ota, Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey developed visual installation and contemporary music score drawing strongly on the local environment and materials drawn from local sources and field trips in Yogyakarta.

This project builds on long-established links between this group of Australian and Indonesian artists since 2005, and numerous significant collaborations which have resulted in works performed in Yogyakarta, Seoul and Melbourne. After developments in 2011 and 2012, the companies undertake an intensive creative development period in Yogyakarta in January 2015, and offer 3-day professional development workshops for emerging and established artists in both Yogya and Melbourne.

Direction/performer: Tony Yap
Choreography & song composition: Agung Gunawan &
Master R.Ay Sri Kadaryati Ywandjono (Nyi K.R.T Kusumaningrat)
Srimpi Dancers: Rm Sagitama Krisnandaru, Antis Tri Cahyani, S.Sn;
Harin Setyandari, S.Sn; R.Aj Sabina Siti Nurul Pristidari, S.Psi
Visual Installation: Naomi Ota
Music/sound: Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Production: Kath Papas Productions

Work-in-progress showing
12 January 2015, Ndalem Suryowijayan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Moving image (4 min edit): Kesupen 2015
More information and enquiry: Kath Papas production

Early developments of Kesupan have been supported through Asialink and Multicultural Arts Victoria. In 2015, Kesupan is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria, the Besen Family Foundation, and Asialink.


Workshop at LKP Seni Pradapa Loka Bhakti, Patitan, Yogyakarta

Photos by Naomi Ota
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