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Magnificus Magnificus


Strikingly performed by indigenous dancer, Tammi Gissell, this work concerns the plight of the red-tailed black cockatoo, but it also echoes the life of the dancer. During the course of the work we learn a great deal about the red-tailed black cockatoo, its habitat and habits. We also learn a lot about Tammi Gissell, a stunning dancer, who addresses the audience directly and disarmingly about the habits and nature of the cockatoo, and the bush turkey, and how both relate to her own life and experiences as a cabaret showgirl.

Along the way Gissell transforms into both birds, performs an impressive routine on roller-skates, then executes her finale resplendent in high heels, a towering red and black feathered headdress and showgirl feathers. This spell-binding tour-de-force is accompanied by an evocative soundscape composed by Adam Ventura, Eric Avery, and Graham Davis King, and performed live by the latter two composers.

The Street Theatre, Canberra Octber 2013

Moving image: Magnificus Magnificus

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