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Outland Fish : ̹ ⣨ࣩ - Installation performance

Nottle Theatre Company's Diaspora Series I ----ޫ
-> Japanese
December 23-25, 2022: Hooyoung Performing Arts Centre - Wonju
December 29-31: Be IN () - Jeju Island



"There are people who have built a living foundation in Inokaino, Osaka where they came as stowaway.

Around the Hirano canal that crosses the region north-south, there are people who live in houses like henhouses who have been suffering from discrimination, low wages, conflicts within the nation, etc.

They are marginal people who do not belong to either Korea or Japan. They are not Koreans or Japanese, but Zainichi Koreans (South Koreans living in Japan).

Every night, they wander around the Hirano canal and throw themselves into the canal as if to forget the pain of the day. They became carp and swam all night in the dark water.
In the morning, they will live the life of Ikaino again."

- From the program

In the research in Jeju Island, we visited the memorial sites of the April 3 incident, climbed a sacred mountain, took lessons in traditional songs from a shaman who is also a female diver, and went out to sea for five hours on a small fishing boat.

In Tsuruhashi, Osaka, we researched the lives of Zainichi Koreans from Jeju Island and listened to their experiences. The story of Harumoni in her 80s, who had fled to Tsuruhashi as a stowaway from the April 3rd Incident of Jeju Island as a girl, was full of strength who had lived a positive and cheerful life despite various harsh experiences.

Below is an excerpt from NAT news 2022/12/25

Delicate scenes directed by Won Young-oh which capture the hearts of the audience with aesthetic symbols and metaphors, the epic movement of the performers who specialised in physical training, and especially Naomi Ota's installation, which expanded the stage space into various spaces of time and space, by those the audience were drawn into a long journey of marginal people who could not settle anywhere.

Director: Won Young-Oh
Performers: Lee Euna, Hyeong Seungsin, Ju Donghwa, Hong Hanbyul
Visual installation: Naomi Ota
Lighting design: Kyungwook Min
Assistant Director: Jang Woo-seok
Media tech:Jung Inhyuk
Regional corrdinator: Oh Soon Hui
Producer: Cha Nayoung


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