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A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum in TAKENO
『この家で』 “in this house”
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KIAC Community Program v
Presented by Kinosaki International Arts Centre
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

A three-year-program hosted by Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC), in which project members research various cultural and natural aspects of Toyooka and create works through interaction and exchange with the local community.

Picture by Takashi Tamura

Outing library with "Omoto" in Tanaka house



“Your house. My house.
Somebody’s house.

Let’s walk together in the town
along with listening your memories."
Walking around Takeno and
weaving stories

Being attracted to life and daily activities in Takeno town, Naomi has been working on the project “In this house” since 2020. After showing of a performance installation and a film screening & meeting session, the project got another 3 years opportunity through KIAC Community Program.

In 2020, Naomi came across the “Omoto” - a collection of essayss published by the Senior Citizens Club "Takeno Gakuen" for 28 years from 1977 until the merger of municipalities.

In “Omoto”, complete in 28 volumes, there are various stories full of feelings including about their daily lives, local events, experiences of disasters and the World War II etc. During the research, Naomi followed up some stories in “Omoto” by walking around Takeno and collected people’s words & memories sceneries, sounds. Stories in “Omoto” has emerged as richer and more colourful scenes by the locals’ animated talk.

In the first year, Naomi rewoven the world of “Omoto” with words of present residents in Takeno and wrote 3 draft stories, “Marriage in Takeno”, “Play in Takeno” and “Work in Takeno”. Those texts were read by participants in the event “Reading with everyone in Tatami room” in March 2003.

In the second year, the texts has brushed up with further research. The performance that interacts an actor Masaya Kishimoto as a storyteller with the recorded voices of the locals who met through research was shown in February 2014. Those spoken words with unique Takeno dialect with sensitive aesthetic are irreplaceable as it would be fading away.

Naomi hopes  walking through the Space-Time Continuum in Takeno together through the work creates opportunities to talk about one’s stories of “In this house”.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Bratakeno Steering Committee, Mr. Okushirozaki Seaside Hotel, the people who shared stories, each district communities, the Toyooka City Library Takeno branch for setting up the special corner for the event and all who I met in Takeno.

Year 1: March 4, 2023

A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum in TAKENO: “in this house” [Reading with everyone in Tatami room]

Venue: Tanaka house
(Former Residence of a head of Kitamaebune - historical ocean trading ship)

After two researches, we held a meeting with participants to read the prototype story. In after talk, words that had not been confirmed were solved one after another by the local people and became a place to share their memories.

Concept / Text: Naomi Ota
Sound: Risa Yamasaki (NPO Platz)
Technical assistant: Mao Kakizoe (NPO Platz)
Coordinator: Chinami Yoda (KIAC)
Venue support: Takeno Tourism Association / Buratakeno committee

Photos ©igaki photo studio

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-> Research Diary (Oct-Nov 2023)

Year 2: February 10, 2024

A Walk Through the Space-Time Continuum in TAKENO: “in this house”
[Placing stories in tatami room ]

Venue: Okushirozaki Seaside Hotel - banquet hall Sengoku-bune

Based on last year's trial production, Naomi reconstructed texts with the words picked up through further research, and produced a live performance woven from the recorded voice spoken by the people who we met and the story telling of actor Masaya Kishimoto. By the rich expression of the local spoken language and the polite tone of the guide Kishimoto, Takeno space-time was fused into the live space.

Concept / Text: Naomi Ota
Actor: Masaya Kishimoto
Sound / Technical support: Kaito Fujiwara, Mao Kakizoe, Kanami Fukada (NPO Platz)
Coordinator: Chinami Yoda (KIAC)
Venue support: Okukinosaki Seaside Hotel

Photos ©Bozzo

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